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 Tiuna el Fuerte Cultural Park(No.1)

Artist:AlejanroHaiek and EleanaCadalso  
Date: 2006-on-going
Media/Type: Architectonic/Various Materials
Commissioner: Self-commissioned  Researcher: Peter Morales

This project has occupied an abandoned parking lot for develop a park. Tiuna el Fuerte Cultural Park is an urban cultural park that has grown incrementally. It is a complex of offices, classrooms, dining spaces, green and sports areas. The programming in the park serves to promote various arts and sciences through workshops and events.

The name of the park as an ironic reference to a military base nearby: Fuerte Tiuna. Tiuna itself was the name of a native warrior from the region. Fuerte Tiuna in whose name the land is re-appropriated for collective use returning it to its natural and social dimensions. In the context of the city, occupy underutilized land part of the motivation is to improve the environment for the lack of green space.



Organizing Committee:

Wang Dawei(CHN)
Jack Becker (USA)

Vice Chairman:
Lewis Biggs (UK)
John McCormack(NZL)
Lu Fusheng(CHN)

Jin Jiangbo

Deputy Secretary-General:
Pan Li
Ling Min

Wang Jue,Wang Hongyi,
Liu Jingming, Ruan Jun,
Li Wei, Cen Moshi ,
Son Guoshuan,Zhang Yujie,
Zhou Xian, Chen Yang,
Chen Wenjia, Ji Chunxiao,
Zheng Xiao,Yao Jian,
Zhong Guoxiang, Hu Jianjun,
Chang Hao, Zhang Lili,
Jing Shuting, Dong Shunqi,
Fu Mengting,Cai Jianjun

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